The 5 Elements of Productive Daily Activity

(VIDEO - from my Jeep)

I talk a lot about stuff.  I don’t mean to generalize things but we can get caught up in all the wrong stuff and ignore doing the right stuff.  I know the word “stuff” can be a very broad topic that could encompass just about anything, literally.  So I wanted to break it down for you in this video.  Here’s what I think about daily when I think about stuff.  Here’s the 5 elements of having a productive day. It’s easy to remember because it is an acronym of the word “stuff.” It’s also key to my focus: Doing Stuff Daily.   It’s good stuff.  Hope you enjoy it.

3 Reasons Why A Simple Calendar Will Rock Your World

The "Seinfeld Calendar" Concept

The power of the calendar will lift your productivity to new heights.  Has a week ever gone by where you don’t feel like you’ve got anything done?  You had work to do, things to write or read or develop but the week is gone and you’re no further ahead than last week.  What’s wrong with you?


How Do I Get To Know You? (VIDEO)

We Never Talk Anymore

I spent 3 days with 1,000+ people from all over the world and I only really know 3 of them.  Why is that?  Simple.  I knew them before I got there.  I had supper with one of them a few months ago but never met the other two in person until this past weekend.  I met each of them at different times online.  Here’s the secret:  We meet together every single week online in a private group with a common purpose.  There’s actually 8 of us but this was the first time four of us had been together in one physical location.  My question now is, “How do I get to know you better?”


How One Skill Can Kill Your Reputation

And What To Do About It

Have you ever been around someone who always takes the negative side of a situation?  If so, my guess is they’re skilled in the art of sarcasm.  Sarcasm is a learned form of negative communication.  It is many times caught instead of taught.  There are no classes on how to do it but if you hang around negative people, chances are you will become good at sarcasm.  If your self-esteem is suffering, sarcasm can become a creative outlet.