Thanks For Voting For My Book Cover

Great turnout.

The byline will be tweaked to better suit the content.  The design is set because you guys picked it out for me.

Now, get ready to “Buy the Book” on Amazon Kindle March 6.

Stay tuned.

What a Christian Can Learn From Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 lived up to the hype.  Many people in Vegas lost a lot of money when the Denver Broncos beat the favored Carolina Panthers to win Super Bowl 50 by 14 points. Oops!  You and I, on the other hand, were just spectators.  Just one of millions of fans cheering for one team over the other, hopefully with no money on the line.  Your only loss would be a little bit of disappointment and your only gain would be bragging rights of your allegiance to the winning team.

Super Bowl 50


Here’s How To Get A Free Copy Of My New Book

(But First, I Need A Cover)

It’s a little hard to believe, but I’ve been sitting on my first book for almost three years now.  But not any more.  TOGETHER, Practical Advice to Save Your Marriage and Stay Together Forever is almost here.  I wrote it to help married couples and “almost married” couples how to work together and live together so their marriage will last a lifetime—as they go through life committed to each other.  BUT FIRST, I NEED YOU TO HELP PICK THE BOOK COVER.

Book Cover

How To Memorize Scripture Without Using An App

A Simple Technique

You want to memorize more of God’s Word.  Good for you.  It is a discipline that’s lost it’s way in the world of technology.  There are numerous options to develop this discipline in your life.  Lots of technology to help you along the way.  There are some significant benefits to doing it the old fashioned way.


Why Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work

The idea of “balance” by it’s very definition refers to equal distribution of weight.  If you take that simple concept and apply it to your work, your life, your family, your hobby, etc., you’ll be in trouble.  In order for your life to have balance there must be equal amounts of time/effort/importance in at least two primary aspects of your life. I don’t think so.