The One Thing You Need To Do Every Morning

Morning can mean different things to so many different people.  Some people have to get up at certain times because of work obligations.  Others want to sleep late.  My wife has to get up at 5:40am four days a week for work.  The other three days have more flexibility for her.  I usually get up before her by choice.  Crazy, right?

Regardless of your schedule, there is something everyone should do every morning to start their day off in the same positive, productive way.


This Is Why Every Day Matters

Baring your soul can be nerve-wracking.  Being rather stoic and quite introverted, I don’t do it very often.  Nevertheless, here it is.

I sent this letter (email) to our pastor on May 18, 2014, just over 2 years ago.  It was in response to his sermon and he asked a simple question, as most pastors do.  “How are you doing?”


5 Attitudes To Absolutely Ruin Any Day

What kind of day are you planning to have?  I hope it’s a good plan to have a good day.  Most people just let the day come to them, good or bad.  When it’s good, they’re happy.  When it’s bad, they’re miserable.  However, I’ve noticed that some people have a great day no matter what happens to them.  Others have bad days no matter what happens to them.  It’s all a matter of attitude.

day runied

Can You Really Set a Goal Today And Accomplish It By Saturday?

Let's find out...

I had some feedback on this process from someone who never read a single word beyond the title.  They were skeptical, to say the very least.  So, with that in mind, try it and tell me what you think.  You, I trust, because you actually read my posts.  (Thanks, by the way)