Why Fourth Place in The Olympics Isn’t A Bad Thing

and Why It Matters To You

How could Mara Abbott have done things differently at the Rio Olympics? What other options would have created a different outcome for her?  That’s what Mara Abbott wants to know after coming in 4th place in the 2016 Rio Olympics Women’s Cycling Road Race.  Her fourth place finish can have significance in your life.


[VIDEO] What I Refuse to Give Up While On Vacation

+ Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Activity In Guatemala

So, I decided to take the month off from posting anything on my blog for a few reasons.  Vacation.  Dealing with some family health issues.  Vacation.  Oh, I mentioned that already.  As I get back into the regular daily stuff of life, I’d like to share with you what a few of my daily non-negotiable activities are when it come to traveling and having completely different schedules.

By the way, one thing I didn’t mention in the video as a daily non-negotiable was coffee.  They have very good coffee in Guatemala.  (I brought several pounds back with me.)

What non-negotiable daily activities go with you wherever you find yourself?  I’d love to know.  Comment below.