5 Lessons For Living That 10 “Experts” Agree On

Do you read those posts or articles that talk about becoming a better you?  I do.  I value the opinion of others, but I’m also smart enough to know that not all of them have the best advice.  Some are obvious and some are way off base for me.  However, when I do come across some good advice for being a better me, I hang on to it.


10 Tips To Help You Keep Your Morning Routine

What to do when life interrupts your perfect morning

Your morning is rarely the same every day, especially if you have children.  Yet, you would love to have a regular morning routine just for yourself.  When you do, you’re better for the rest of the day.  You know it.  Everyone else in the house knows it.  It is to everyone’s advantage that you have your morning time.  But life happens.  Now what?

Morning Tips